Friday, October 15, 2010

Quote of the Day

(© 2006 Graphique de France – wall calendar)

“Life was meant to be lived.” - Felix the Cat

Okay I’m sold! Felix is one smart cat and I’m going to heed his advice by grabbing life by the horns and getting the heck outta dodge! To Nashville, TN to be precise.

Sound familiar?

Well it should, it’s on my goals list for the year! One of my good friends moved down there a few years ago and I’ve been planning to visit ever since. Perhaps planning isn’t the right word since that would make it seem as if I had done more than just think about it.

But I’ve been meaning to go for the last three years and with the year winding down, I knew I needed to make it happen fast!

So I booked myself a ticket on Southwest (a cheap one thanks to a gift certificate I was saving for the occasion) and I’m heading down today for the weekend! I’m looking forward to seeing a new city, catching up with my friend and, of course, taking some time off from work.

And it’s also momentous because I never travel by myself anymore. The last time I did so was back in college when I flew to visit my boyfriend. So it feels good to be doing this on my own and I look forward to sharing some pictures from the ‘Music Capital of the USA”!


  1. Love that you are crossing something off of your list and are being brave and traveling by yourself. That is something I struggle with. Have a great time and enjoy the journey.

  2. Thanks for the support! It felt a bit strange at times not to have my normal support system with me but it also felt great to do something on my own!

    Starting small with one or two nights away helps a lot...I'm all about baby steps!