Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finding Inspiration in a People Mover

My foray downtown on Saturday would not have been complete without a quick stopover at the National Gallery of Art.

And a stop at the NGA would not be complete without a visit to the gift shop…both of them.

But my favorite part of the visit turned out to be the people mover that connected the east and west galleries. Not to be outdone by the famous artwork hanging on the museum walls, the concourse tunnel itself had been turned into its own art piece – a LED light tunnel by American artist Leo Villareal entitled “Multiverse”.

The creativity behind the light sculpture was awe-inspiring and I couldn’t wait to share the experience with you!

“Multiverse” Light Tunnel

Ceiling detail

Side detail


  1. Wow that's interesting. It's amazing what they can do now-a-days isn't it! It's hard to imagine where the world will be in a few years with technology evolving and changing at such a fast pace. Sounds like you had a lovely Saturday!

    Linda. xox

    P.S. Hope those cat hugs were good! :)

  2. O'Hare has something very similar above it's main moving walkway between Terminals B and C.

  3. Linda - the cat hugs were just what I needed! ;)

    Nicole - I remember the O'Hare walkway! I took a bunch of pictures of it when I walked through it because it was so gorgeous! I had totally forgotten about it...thanks for the memory :) I'm making a mental note right now to go back and find those photos!