Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don’t Over Think Lunch

After sleeping in late this morning, an idea popped in my head to go into the city for lunch.

I quickly discarded the spontaneous thought though since I already had plans in my head of things I needed to do around the house. But then I started to hedge over the idea because it sounded like fun and something we don’t usually do.

So, I embraced the spontaneity with my boyfriend and we headed downtown to the Lincoln Waffle Shop – a place I found a few months back when my dear friends came to visit from Chicago and a place I’ve wanted to return to ever since…and now I have!

I’m so glad I acted on what I wanted to do – the food was delicious and the walk around town afterwards was just what I needed!


  1. So it wasn't a fluke. The place remains awesome!

    P.S. Hi from the Quito airport!

  2. I still have only ordered the club sandwich, but it was awesome both times so I'm hooked!

    Hola to you and Christian at the Quito airport! I hope you guys are having a wonderful trip so far and you get to your first hotel soon :)

    How many pictures has Christan taken already??