Sunday, October 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

I just walked in the door from my whirlwind trip to Nashville and am ecstatic to be home with my little family.

The trip was awesome and I fell in love with Nashville and my friend’s new puppy Koda (pictures forthcoming!) but it feels awesome to be back home.

I especially can’t wait to climb in bed and stay there for awhile…preferably for at least twelve hours. And kudos to me for taking Monday and Tuesday off to vegetate! I highly recommend taking a day or two off after a trip to decompress. It always does me a world of good and I would be worthless to my co-workers in this condition anyways!


  1. Wow, that must have been a fab trip! I always LOVE to get home after being away... and I actually usually say the words 'Home sweet home' as soon as I get in the door... usually along with a long, contented sigh. Good on you for taking the time to decompress - a great idea.

    Linda. xx

  2. I sighed when I walked in the door yesterday, when I laid down to sleep and when I realized I could sleep in.

    Definitely grateful that I'm learning to take the extra time to decompress because i sure needed it! Have been more lazy than productive today but sometimes those days are needed :)