Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Picking in 80 Degrees



And a bulldog puppy named Watson

That about sums up my Saturday - a great afternoon in the country!

Oh and it was over 80 degrees in the sun. It felt a little strange to be sweating while picking out pumpkins but I wasn’t complaining. It was simply nice to be outdoors and taking advantage of a beautiful ‘fall’ day.

I hope your weekend was just as lovely!


  1. I lurve pumpkins!! And, that first picture is fabulous! Watson's pretty fab too!

    Linda. x

  2. I decided not to go too crazy and just got myself a 14 pounder and one of the cool mushroom looking pumpkins that I brought to the office...where, ironically, a co-worker showed me a picture of a 1 ton pumpkin that he saw being carted down the highway over the weekend!