Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Happy Place: Horseback

On any given day when the sun is shining and there’s a nice breeze in the air, I wish I were horseback.

Yes, I was that cliché little girl who was obsessed with horses. I read horse books by the dozens, collected toy horses and took riding lessons.

Even though the lessons eventually stopped, I never outgrew my passion for horses and I still dream of the day when I'll have my own horse to ride whenever I feel like it.

Committing to the schedule and cost of taking riding lessons again isn’t feasible right now but I do treat myself at least once a year to getting back on the horse for a trail ride with the family. Last year my sister and I had the ride of our lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico but this year we kept it local at one of our favorite trail ride establishments in the Blue Ridge Mountains – the Marriott Ranch in Hume, VA.

The staff is super friendly and the cost for a ninety-minute trail ride can’t be beat! Plus you get to leave the city for some time out in the country. It always amazes me how quiet it is out there…I miss that.

But for ninety minutes this past Saturday, I soaked up the quiet, the sun, the smell of horses and the gorgeous landscape. It was pure bliss and I got to check off another item on my goals list.

It was the perfect escape from these past few hectic months and I could have stayed out there all day!

What happy place do you picture when you’re feeling worn out and stressed? How often do you get there in real life?


  1. Aahhh, how wonderful!

    I was one of those 'horse obsessed' girls. I finally got one when I was about 15, but had to sell it around 2 years later as we couldn't afford to keep it. He was a very cheeky gelding named Tosca who liked to try and get me off his back by stopping dead and rolling on the ground...hehe! He was actually great though, and I used to ride him bareback quite a bit. He was just lazy and didn't want anyone on his back, but couldn't be bothered bucking!!

    How great you go riding every now and again... such a lovely idea.

    I tend to picture myself riding on my bike through a pine forest with my dog running beside me. I used to do this when I was little, and it was very, very soothing for me.

    Linda. x

  2. {sigh} Horses.

    Maybe 2012's riding adventure will be in Australia! Start saving! I'm planning it now!

  3. Linda - Tosca sounds like he was quite the handful, lol! Your happy place sounds absolutely amazing - straight out of the movies - I'm slightly envious of your childhood :)

    Nicole - riding horses in Australia? I definitely need to start saving up! One of my dreams is to ride a horse on a beach someday...maybe I can kill 3 birds with 1 stone? :)