Monday, October 25, 2010

Petition for Cats in the Workplace

Aside from my cats' sweet faces, there’s very little that motivates me on a Monday morning.

Yet I can’t help but smile when they greet me and I love that they are always in a good mood no matter the day of the week. Perhaps it’s because they can sleep whenever they want and aren’ton anybody’s schedule but their own.

Sigggh…what a life!

Wylie in the dresser drawer

Sami in the upside-down kitty pod


  1. How cute are Wylie and Sami - waaaay cute! I'd love to have a 'school' cat wandering around at work... he could visit all the classrooms and pop into my office and sit beside me when I'm at my desk! Only prob is too many kids would probably be allergic... allergies seem to be on the rise these days. My cat Jessie usually sits near me when I'm on the computer, or sleeps on the bed behind me.

    Linda .xox

  2. That would be incredible, I would have loved a 'school' cat when I was in school! But you're right...allergies seem to be on the rise these days and cats are, unfortunately, highly allergic animals.

    But you know there are some hypoallergenic breeds out there...perhaps you could look into them :)

    And that's a good reminder. I may have to stipulate (in the future when I have my own office) that I can only hire employees who aren't allergic to cats and dogs - lol!

  3. Oh I would have a lot to say about allergies. I have a ton. None to animals. You know Wylie looks just like Bibi, my neighbour's cat, and the first new living creature i made friends with when I came here. They are so sweet. my life without my cats would be more manageble but so sad!!