Tuesday, May 31, 2011

G40 Art Summit Takes Over DC

A little over a week ago, our favorite local gallery Art Whino opened their second annual G40 Art Summit gallery show in DC…and it was incredible!

The gallery and its artists took over an entire 25,000 square foot building downtown to showcase art on all four floors. There was so much to see, we spent a lot of time doubling back through rooms just to make sure we didn’t miss anything!

Fortunately, vitaminwater® was one of the sponsors…which meant free drinks to keep us hydrated and energized!

If you’re in the neighborhood and want to check out the exhibit before it closes on June 17th, here are all the details:

2213-2217 14th Street NW (the corner of 14th and W NW)
Washington, DC

Exhibit Schedule:
Show exhibit runs May 19th - June 17th, 2011
Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 7pm – 12am
Saturday: 12pm – 2am
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm
Monday: Closed

Art imitating life…guppy style

I love cats and skate deck art…so it’s only natural that I would LOVE this ‘Lazer Cats’ skate deck by Alex Chiu

Detail of my favorite ‘Lazer Cat’

I ran into my friend Kim at the show, who showed off her new TOMS…bought after reading this post, I was so excited!!

A wall featuring art by LECKOmio, a German artist whose pieces we have started to collect over the past few years!

Incredible custom wood skate decks – I wanted them sooo bad!

An amazing hand-cut paper art installation by Tennessee artist Charles Clary

The up-close detail was unbelievable!

My one and only purchase of the night was a captivating silkscreen by one of Art Whino’s resident artists, Brent Houzenga!

This composition made me laugh

Greatest lounge idea ever…thanks to livingsocial!

The show was incredible – it had everything from custom gas tanks…

to custom sneakers…

to customized DIY Dunny’s – a little something for everybody!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Petition for Cats in the Workplace

In the seventh episode of “The Sami & Wylie Show”, Wylie attempts a takeover of Sami’s dresser drawer!

The Sami & Wylie Show: episode 7 from Jenn on Vimeo.

(featuring "More Today Than Yesterday" by Spiral Starecase)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MY Happiness Project: Month 2 - Status Report

Ironically, Miguel and I have spent less time together during this month than usual.

Do you think that’s why I’ve been so successful with my goals of being nicer and whatnot?? Perhaps, but I’d like to think I’d be doing just as well if we were around each other 24/7…so lets not over think it okay?!

But while our schedules often conflicted this past week especially, we did find time to have dinner out with friends on Saturday – during which I was on my bestest behavior – and then set aside Sunday for a much needed family day, spent relaxing at home with the fuzzy monstahs.

But while I wished we could have spent more of the week together, I know that it’s good for us to have our own space and activities…especially when his are related to growing his company. The time away sometimes makes him feel guilty though so I’ve worked on staying completely supportive so that he feels less stressed by the sacrifice.

In the past I wasn’t always as conscientious about his feelings on the matter and often would make nagging comments that would stress him out. But, in part because of month two’s goals, I have been doing my best to be a very supportive partner because I know this is what he needs to be doing and sometimes a little sacrifice now will bring greater rewards later…and more time for us to hang out together!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bagels and Vintage Shopping in Charlottesville

Whenever I’m in Charlottesville, there are two things that I have to do:
  1. Eat at Bodo’s Bagels, the home of the greatest bagel sandwiches in the world!

  2. And shop for vintage treasures at Circa!

Can't shop on an empty stomach!

A little non-descript but full of goodies!

If only I was in the market (and had space) for some cool, new furniture

Vintage frames and mirrors galore!

Grater #2 for my (slowly) growing collection

I can’t resist vintage bottles!

I was struck by how colorful and graphic this vintage game was…so I had to have it!

More stuff!!

I loved this display of vintage postcards

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feliz Aniversario

Today marks the anniversary of my high school senior prom and the first official date that Miguel and I went on…fourteen years ago.

Thank you for being such a wonderful partner, the sweetest papa to Wylie and Sami and for encouraging me at every turn to follow my dreams. Your support over the last few years with Live Love Life Now™ means everything to me and I couldn’t have done any of it without your love and motivation.

Te amo mi amor…ahora y siempre.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Petition for Cats in the Workplace

After busy weeks and even busier weekends, I was pretty excited to have nowhere to be yesterday!

By early afternoon it became apparent that we would not be leaving the apartment, so we gave in to the laziness and hunkered down at home with the cats – catching up on TV and enjoying a few ‘cat’ naps alongside Wylie and Sami.

It was pure loveliness!



Thursday, May 19, 2011

MY Happiness Project: Month 2 - Status Report

The second week of month two has come and gone and I’m still making good progress! While my feeling ‘under the weather’ for the past few days caused me (at times) to be a little grouchy, I tried hard otherwise to be on my bestest behavior and to be a more caring and loving partner.

I refrained from my usual teasing when we went out with friends on Friday and avoided picking on him when we spent Saturday with his family at his cousin’s wedding.

I also continued my trend of Doing rather than Nagging. As a perfect example, tonight I took it upon myself to take care of all the trash, recycling and cleaning in anticipation of hosting friends this weekend. I had kept waiting to do those things because I wanted Miguel’s help with the chores but then realized that I would be happier if it was just done rather than continuing to put it off until I could ask for help. And I am!

And so is Miguel…even if he doesn’t completely know why, ha! He even thanked me during the week for all that I had been doing for him lately and I could tell how much it really meant to him. And it’s all because of how much he means to me!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Wedding Complete with Donkey, Donuts and Tequila Shots

This past weekend, Miguel and I took a road trip back to Charlottesville to attend the wedding of his cousin. And even though the rain couldn’t hold off for the outdoor ceremony, the wedding was still beautiful AND very unique!

I mean, have you ever been to a wedding where a donkey totes tequila bottles, you take souvenir pictures in a photo booth and homemade donuts are served from a truck?

Well neither had I till this past weekend, but now I don’t know why more people don’t do the same! It was amazing, fun, quirky and completely ‘outside the box’…which I perhaps loved most of all.

View of the countryside as we headed to the Rosebrook Inn

The “Plan B” indoor ceremony while it poured outside

Shrek the donkey

Shrek carried tequila bottles so that guests were greeted with tequila shots after the “I Do’s”

The rain stopped just in time for the outdoor family photos

The Carpe Donut truck – the greatest food truck idea ever!

The donut truck touted cute chalkboard signs for the bride and groom

Matt Rohdie, founder of Carpe Donut, obliges us with a photo op

A close-up of the delicious donut and our souvenir photo strip

A shot of some of the other guest photos

Photo booth instructions

The cake – simple and elegant

Even under netting, the cake topper flowers were gorgeous

Monday, May 16, 2011

Petition for Cats in the Workplace

After a weekend away and a last minute climbing class tonight, I’m a tad short on time to write a full-length post.

Fortunately for me, I can rely on the fuzzy monstahs to pick up the slack…and prove that nothing beats a cardboard box for playtime.

Wylie on a box

Sami in a box

Friday, May 13, 2011

MY Happiness Project: Month 2 - Status Report

The first week of month two went by really quickly! And even though Miguel spent a long weekend with his parents, I still found plenty of opportunities to work on my goals…and I think I’m off to a great start!

The best part about doing MY Happiness Project is that I’m always aware of the goals I’ve created, which helps encourage and motivate me to actually accomplish them!
  1. Quit nagging – even though my nagging is almost reflexive at this point, I’ve been doing pretty good with this one! I’ve started to just DO things (dishes, picking up the living room, cleaning the litter box) rather than asking Miguel to do them and then nagging when they haven’t been done quick enough, because I’ve realized that having them done is more important to me.

  2. Be nicer – we spent the weekend apart because of Mother’s Day so I didn’t have an opportunity to practice my new etiquette in front of our friends but I am consciously teasing less these days…which is a good start!

  3. Offer small gestures – this was one of the more tangible goals I had made so it was easier to see my accomplishments over this past week; like surprising him with clean laundry when he got home from traveling and cleaning underneath his sink when I realized it was in desperate need of organization!

  4. Cook more often – this week we’ve relied on takeout for most of our dinners, but I did step up and make most of my lunches this week, which I could tell was a pleasant surprise for Miguel!

  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff – I also did great with this goal by purposefully not dumping my frustrations about this week’s terrible commutes on Miguel as soon as I walked in the door at night. And it has actually helped improve my mood when I get home because I don’t walk in ready to vent!