Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Wedding Complete with Donkey, Donuts and Tequila Shots

This past weekend, Miguel and I took a road trip back to Charlottesville to attend the wedding of his cousin. And even though the rain couldn’t hold off for the outdoor ceremony, the wedding was still beautiful AND very unique!

I mean, have you ever been to a wedding where a donkey totes tequila bottles, you take souvenir pictures in a photo booth and homemade donuts are served from a truck?

Well neither had I till this past weekend, but now I don’t know why more people don’t do the same! It was amazing, fun, quirky and completely ‘outside the box’…which I perhaps loved most of all.

View of the countryside as we headed to the Rosebrook Inn

The “Plan B” indoor ceremony while it poured outside

Shrek the donkey

Shrek carried tequila bottles so that guests were greeted with tequila shots after the “I Do’s”

The rain stopped just in time for the outdoor family photos

The Carpe Donut truck – the greatest food truck idea ever!

The donut truck touted cute chalkboard signs for the bride and groom

Matt Rohdie, founder of Carpe Donut, obliges us with a photo op

A close-up of the delicious donut and our souvenir photo strip

A shot of some of the other guest photos

Photo booth instructions

The cake – simple and elegant

Even under netting, the cake topper flowers were gorgeous

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