Thursday, May 19, 2011

MY Happiness Project: Month 2 - Status Report

The second week of month two has come and gone and I’m still making good progress! While my feeling ‘under the weather’ for the past few days caused me (at times) to be a little grouchy, I tried hard otherwise to be on my bestest behavior and to be a more caring and loving partner.

I refrained from my usual teasing when we went out with friends on Friday and avoided picking on him when we spent Saturday with his family at his cousin’s wedding.

I also continued my trend of Doing rather than Nagging. As a perfect example, tonight I took it upon myself to take care of all the trash, recycling and cleaning in anticipation of hosting friends this weekend. I had kept waiting to do those things because I wanted Miguel’s help with the chores but then realized that I would be happier if it was just done rather than continuing to put it off until I could ask for help. And I am!

And so is Miguel…even if he doesn’t completely know why, ha! He even thanked me during the week for all that I had been doing for him lately and I could tell how much it really meant to him. And it’s all because of how much he means to me!


  1. :) I think what is interesting about the book is that its more of seeing life a little differently and it's not about changing but looking at something with a different point of view. Also in the book she makes it seem so easy.

    PS I am sooo sorry I haven't been able to come by and visit your blog.. internet has been a little on the impossible side. I just love the donkey and tequilla. why didn't I use that in my wedding?

  2. Keep it on!! I love the donkey too. I love donkeys, I want one.

  3. Good for you Jenn! I am of the same mind. Do rather than ask! :-))

    Wishing you a great week and thanks so much for your kind words and support!

  4. That's great!!! Keep it up, Jenn! :)

    <3 Belly B

  5. Thanks guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the wedding pics...I totally fell in love with Shrek the donkey, he was such a good sport!!