Friday, May 13, 2011

MY Happiness Project: Month 2 - Status Report

The first week of month two went by really quickly! And even though Miguel spent a long weekend with his parents, I still found plenty of opportunities to work on my goals…and I think I’m off to a great start!

The best part about doing MY Happiness Project is that I’m always aware of the goals I’ve created, which helps encourage and motivate me to actually accomplish them!
  1. Quit nagging – even though my nagging is almost reflexive at this point, I’ve been doing pretty good with this one! I’ve started to just DO things (dishes, picking up the living room, cleaning the litter box) rather than asking Miguel to do them and then nagging when they haven’t been done quick enough, because I’ve realized that having them done is more important to me.

  2. Be nicer – we spent the weekend apart because of Mother’s Day so I didn’t have an opportunity to practice my new etiquette in front of our friends but I am consciously teasing less these days…which is a good start!

  3. Offer small gestures – this was one of the more tangible goals I had made so it was easier to see my accomplishments over this past week; like surprising him with clean laundry when he got home from traveling and cleaning underneath his sink when I realized it was in desperate need of organization!

  4. Cook more often – this week we’ve relied on takeout for most of our dinners, but I did step up and make most of my lunches this week, which I could tell was a pleasant surprise for Miguel!

  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff – I also did great with this goal by purposefully not dumping my frustrations about this week’s terrible commutes on Miguel as soon as I walked in the door at night. And it has actually helped improve my mood when I get home because I don’t walk in ready to vent!

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