Monday, May 9, 2011

Petition for Cats in the Workplace

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a happy Mother’s Day!

I spent yesterday with my mom, having lunch and playing miniature golf (her idea!), and then went home to spend the evening with my fuzzy kids who surprised me with dessert!

Lindt Spring Lindor Truffles to be exact…my favorite!! They know their mama so well.

Inquisitive Wylie

Curious Sami


  1. I love mini golf... they also have thing called a par 3 in Oregon which i love love :)

    Your kittys are so adorable.

  2. Erika - I'm jonesing to play more mini golf, i had so much fun on Sunday! What is a par 3??

  3. that is so cute your mom wanted to play mini golf!