Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Motivation from the West Coast!

This past weekend my sister flew to Palo Alto, California for a work conference at Stanford. During some downtime on Sunday, she drove to nearby Half Moon Bay and surprised me with a little note of motivation from the beach.

I honestly almost teared up when I saw that she had written Live Love Life Now in the sand for me.

From the get go she has been one of the biggest supporters of my dreams to start my own company and to challenge myself to a happier life. In fact, she has not only accompanied me on most of my adventures but has initiated many herself as we have both fully embraced the challenge of ‘doing’ rather than talking.

And she is exemplifying this to a ‘T’ as she spends an extra week on the west coast, on her own, to vacation in Portland, Oregon (thanks again to Erika for all your great tips!). It’s something she has talked about for over a year so I’m really proud of her for seizing the opportunity to do it!

She’s having an amazing time and I couldn’t be prouder of her...but I am looking forward to having her back home soon!

First thought: I wish I were there! Second thought: immense pride…

Third thought: this could make for a good inspirational poster, ha!


  1. AWWWWW :) what a cute note from the beach.

    I am so glad your sister had fun! I hope my tips came in handy!

  2. Hi Jenn, What a great sister! And yeah, it would make a really great inspirational poster!

    Linda. xox

    P.S. Added you onto my blog roll under 'More Blog Love'. Have been meaning to do it for ages, but have been a bit slack lately!

  3. That could really be a motivational poster! And a pretty header too.

  4. Aw, Jen! What a sweet blog post, it almost made ME tear up reading it! I would have loved to have shared this moment with you but I know we'll have plenty more to come.