Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can You Imagine a Day Without Shoes?

Everyone loves those summer days when you can run around barefoot in the grass and sand…but what if you had to be barefoot every day because you couldn’t afford the luxury of having shoes to wear?

Can you even imagine having to go ONE day without the comfort of shoes?

I can’t.

But if Blake Mycoskie (founder and CEO of TOMS Shoes) has his way everyone will be aware of what that feels like. In fact, today was his annual “One Day Without Shoes” event, which encourages people around the world to go the whole day without shoes in order to provoke conversation and support for a movement to provide this basic human right to those currently without.

And I actually participated in the campaign for most of the day…without even knowing it. You see I decided to work from home (to help recover my voice after losing it due to a recent cold), which meant I was in pajamas and bare feet most of the day.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go the entire 24 hours because I had a dinner to go to tonight but I find Blake and his company so inspiring that I felt inspired to write about the event.

He truly is a rock star in the business and charity world and I have always been in awe of the generosity he has managed to deliver through his company in only five short years. In fact, a lot of people credit him with the concept of the “one to one” business model where a pair of shoes is donated for every single pair sold.

Which is all the more reason why I was so excited to finally get my first pair of TOMS shoes recently!

And I plan to keep buying!

I mean, you get inexpensive, comfortable and great looking shoes while at the same time helping out another in need…what’s not to love and support?

What color are your TOMS?

Wylie digs the gray/white color scheme

Side angle…I look like I’m ready to dig for clams!

They’re even cute from the back!


  1. I have this exact pair. I love them for traveling. So easy to fit in a bag. Have you seen the wrap-ups? I did a post about them a while ago. Very clever.

  2. We are twins!! :) I do remember your post on the wrap-ups and actually was wondering if those were TOMS too. They have really branched out into all different styles!

  3. I want a pair of toms!! Is on my list of things to do, i love the one for one idea.
    (plus, he's really cute, wich never hurts)