Thursday, April 7, 2011

MY Happiness Project: Month 1 - Status Report

Three weeks into the first month of MY Happiness Project and I’m around the 75% mark!
  1. Get more (consistent) sleep – Um, I’m still struggling with this one even though I desperately want more sleep…sigh

  2. Get more exercise – Still on a roll! I have done cardio and my weekly yoga classes routinely the past two weeks and I’m feeling good!

  3. Clear the visual clutter – Doing great! I still have a few miscellaneous items that need to find a home and I’d love to get things back in order in the office…it’s gotten a touch out of control AGAIN!

  4. Clear the mental clutter – A big YES! I’ve gotten through another two pages of email in my inbox and have been checking new messages regularly, which is a huge improvement!

  5. Tackle one nagging task – I made huge headway with this project last week and the only thing left is a trip to the DMV…wish me luck!


  1. Good luck lady. No one likes the DMV.

  2. That's awesome Jen! I'm still working on stopping my terrible procrastination with emails. I so love getting them, but I don't know why I have a terrible time responding to them. Do you have any reasons or suggestions as to why I do this?


  3. Hate the DMV- nice to find your blog- so true that we should all talk less about what we want to do and DO more.

  4. Yes the DMV does make most people cringe, but I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be too bad :) I also plan to bring every piece of paper I've ever gotten about the car I sold so I don't end up having to make a second trip!

    Reese - I am the EXACT same way! I love getting emails but for some reason shy away from immediately reading them and responding. I think part of the problem is I tend to write novels so I get overwhelmed by how much time I'll need to spend writing back. If you have the same problem, I suggest limiting yourself to shorter responses...I'm starting to implement that too! And also starting a routine break at work everyday where you check and respond to emails, rather than waiting till you're home and otherwise distracted. Of course it's always easier said than done so good luck to us both :)

    Jenn xo

  5. Ren - welcome!! I'm so happy you found my blog...I hope you continue to enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it! And perhaps we can inspire each other to DO more and talk less :)

    For me, it's a constant struggle against procrastination but I feel like I win more often these days :)

  6. oh the dmv.. deq is horrible too :) lots of luck.

  7. well done girl. I am trying to work on 1 and 3, with very little success. The clutter must be alive and autoriproductive. I ahve no idea how come- despite my hard work- is still there.
    Sleep, this stranger.