Thursday, April 21, 2011

Volunteering My Artistic Ability

This past Saturday, I registered with Greater DC Cares to participate in their annual Servathon.

My project was held at the local T.C. Williams High School Minnie Howard Campus where we were assigned to beautify the landscape around the school and within their courtyard.

Groups of volunteers worked through bouts of heavy rain to plant flowers and clean up the grounds while the rest of us were fortunate enough to stay inside on painting duty – yay!

While our painting canvases were simple brick pavers that would be used to edge flowerbeds, we were told to get creative and paint whatever designs we wanted on their fronts.

Initially our painting crew felt a little overwhelmed with the artistic license but then we got into it wholeheartedly and spent much time encouraging each other's ideas.

All in all, it was a super lovely way to spend a Saturday morning!

Another t-shirt for the gym!

This was too cute not to include! Did you notice they put lizards on the doors too?

Our painting assembly line

I was always the last to finish painting – darn OCD!

My nod to Jackson Pollock

This brick was inspired by Holton Rower

My boyfriend documented our day by painting rain clouds and the DC Greater Cares logo on his brick

A fellow volunteer painted her brick in tribute to the school

My final brick…I'm clearly out of ideas by this point – ha!

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  1. thats so awesome! :) you are such a do gooder.. one of my new years resolution was to volunteer once a month and i have totally slacked on that. i have only volunteered 2x this year so far.

    PS on the screen printing front just buy the photo emulsion kit from michaels with a coupon. :) just the box if you already have a screen.

    :) happy easter weekend.!