Friday, April 15, 2011

MY Happiness Project: Month 1 Wrap-up Report

Yesterday marked the end of month one of MY Happiness Project…and the day that I finally made my trip to the DMV. What can I say; procrastination still rears its ugly head now and again – ha!

And while I only had to wait five minutes to have my number called, my seemingly simple request to have my registration refunded eventually had to be escalated to the managerial level! It turns out that my call to the DMV months earlier had done more harm than good because the customer representative had been sadly misinformed and subsequently messed up my account…awesome.

But all was not lost and within forty minutes I walked out with a receipt in hand and a relieved smile on my face. I could finally say that I had tackled my nagging task and it felt wonderful!!

How did I do with the rest of my month one goals? See for yourself below!

  1. Get more (consistent) sleep – This was the one and only goal that I was not very successful with…and am currently paying for with drooping eyelids!

  2. Get more exercise – I did incredible with this one, if I may say so myself! I was at the gym 2-3 times each week and finished off the month with sessions of climbing, cardio and yoga. And the consistent workouts have really paid off...just check out the guns!

  3. Clear the visual clutter – This is where my aptitude towards OCD came in handy because once I started organizing, I couldn’t stop! In fact, tonight I finished all of my outstanding filing and filled one large bag with lots of old bills to shred come Monday morning…yes!

  4. Clear the mental clutter – I am happy to report that my inbox has dwindled down to a manageable four pages of emails! But in addition to getting rid of TWELVE pages of emails, my biggest accomplishment is that I’ve stayed on top of regularly checking my email in order to keep the clutter at bay!

  5. Tackle one nagging task – DONE after a 'quick' trip to the DMV yesterday to finalize the sale of my car from the end of November!


  1. Wow Jenn, I am super impressed! That was a tough list with some big goals on it. Well done you for getting all bar one done!

    If I made a list, your first two points would definitely be on it. In fact, I promised myself I would pay attention to both of those these school holidays (more sleep and exercise), and so far (like I do nearly every holidays), I've failed dismally.

    Time to take myself in hand like a parent would a child and simply lay down a strict bedtime and try to stick to it. I'm a hopeless night owl, and an insomniac to boot, and I really feel the lack of sleep is seeping over into my daily life in the form of loss of enjoyment and no energy. My memory seems to be flagging lately too. I used to be able to survive on 4 or 5 hours sleep a night, but I think that's coming to an inevitable end. I'm getting too old!

    The thing is though, I actually begrudge sleep because I have too many things I want to do or think about! I just have it in my head that sleep is wasting time and I could use those hours more productively. However, what I need to assert to myself is that if I slept more, I'd actually get heaps more done in less time as I'd be properly awake instead of bone tired, and I'd enjoy my life alot more due to my increased feeling of wellbeing.

    Maybe I need some cognitive behaviour therapy to sort myself out - lol! Or maybe hypnosis might do it!!

    Congrats again on all your achievements.

    Linda. xox

  2. Linda - thank you so much for your kind words! I am very happy with my achievement for the first month and look forward to starting many more good habits ;)

    I share all of the same reasons for not pushing myself to get more sleep. I get home so late from work that I tend to stay up even later to balance out the work time with the home time. But I also struggle with loss of energy at times and know that much of that is because of my poor sleep schedule.

    Perhaps we should start a support group and motivate each other to establish better sleeping habits! As much as I wish I could survive on 4 hours of sleep a night in order to get more accomplished, I know that my body actually needs twice that much, lol!

    I wish you much luck on all your goals and will support you in any way that will help you achieve them :)

    Jenn xoxo