Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ten Ways I’m Going to Break the Pattern this Year

Truth be told, I’ve been avoiding this post for a few days. And yes I get the irony in that statement.

See, I have a love/hate relationship with lists. I’m super organized so I like to make them but once they’re finished, they taunt me by pointing out everything that I still haven’t done…which I hate.

But in this case it’s necessary that I make a list of goals for this year, of things that I’ve talked about and put off doing for years. I just haven’t wanted to post the list because I worry about not coming through with it and facing failure on a much more public scale. But the advantage is that once this is out there, I will feel a certain amount of responsibility (aka guilt) to actually make them happen. At least that’s the hope.

But before I reveal the list, keep in mind that we’re in a tough economy and money is tight…so I’ve put things on my list that I can afford to do. And I’m hoping that by staying realistic, I’ll have a greater chance of actually accomplishing them!

1. Go ice skating

2. Go on a road trip

3. Learn to rock climb

4. Go snow tubing

5. Visit my out-of-state friends (specifically in Pittsburgh & Nashville)

6. Sign up for dance classes

7. Go horseback riding

8. Experience new cities

9. Do more volunteer work

10. Get out of the house more

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