Friday, January 22, 2010

What Can You Not Do in Eleven Days?

I have a confession to make. My intention was to start this blog on January 1st, as sort of a catalyst for how I want this year to go. Instead (ironically) my first post went up on January 11th…eleven days after my deadline.

Below is a look inside the life of a procrastinator:

Dec. 31 – I declare to the world that I will start a blog.

Jan. 01 – I put off starting the blog for one short, quick day because I’m out of town for New Year’s. That’s a legitimate excuse right…?

Jan. 02 – I arrive home ready to get writing but instead spend the rest of the day comforting my sister after her break-up.

Jan. 03 – more comforting.

Jan. 04 – I give myself the night off after a long day back at work.

Jan. 05 – I give myself the night off again after another busy day at work and spend the evening with my sister.

Jan. 06 – umm, more of the above.

Jan. 07 – sigh, ditto.

Jan. 08 – so it’s now Friday and the only thing I feel like doing after work is a whole lot of nothing. Instead, I force myself to turn on my laptop and FINALLY start the blog. And it feels amazing to start writing, which (of course) makes me mad at myself for putting this moment off for a whole week. Then my momentary high is hit with a blow after I can’t get the blogspot address that I want. PANIC ENSUES! Thankfully my boyfriend is there to talk me down and help come up with the perfect solution. Afterwards, I head to bed, exhausted after my mini-breakdown...

…stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!

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