Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Long Weekends are like Kryptonite for To-Do Lists!

Like most weekends, this past one started off with the best intentions. I spent Friday’s commute home making a To-Do list in my head of all the projects that I would have time to work on over the next three days.

But then in a blink of an eye, it was Monday night and I hadn’t started even ONE thing on my list. The weekend had flown by in a haze of sleeping in (a hobby I take very seriously), cleaning, doing errands and hanging out with friends.

And so once again, I had to admit defeat. The holiday weekend and all of its magical free time had proved too much for me. Just like Superman becomes powerless against his enemies when kryptonite is around, the long weekend had rendered me powerless against my mortal enemy – procrastination!

But Superman never gave up on his quest to rid the world of bad guys and I’m not giving up on my quest to thwart my bad habit – I will persevere!

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