Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is Dusting Bad for my Health?

Today was the day that I finally got into the office and dealt with ‘the disaster’ otherwise known as my desk – or landing pad for all the crap I don’t want lying around the rest of my home.

After a few dusty hours, things are looking much better and I am actually writing this post from my dust free desk!

Now if only I could figure out what to do with all the miscellaneous papers that are left over.

What do you do with all the random tear sheets and paperwork that doesn’t otherwise have a home??

I LOVE a clean desk!

The glass top allows me to display my favorite art cards

It’s a little ‘crazy cat lady’ but I just had to have it!


  1. Ooooh, love a clean desk! Looks fab, and the glass top with the cards under it is magnificent!

    I usually just create manilla folder type files for all the bits and pieces of paper work. Or put them in a folder with those plastic pockets to store them in.

    Or, if you can group some of it together in larger amounts, those office storage boxes you can buy look nice just stacked somewhere with labels on the front.

  2. Crazy cat lady indeed ;-) Unfortunately you know I don't have any brilliant organizing tricks as I keep hiding my piles when I have company. I do love the Russell + Hazel binders and still plan to put my towering mounds of tear sheets in the ones I purchased!

  3. All excellent ideas!

    I really should just pick one and stick with it, but some of my papers are sorted into nice binders from back in the day...while the rest are in no specific ordered piles. I guess I keep hoping that by the time I sort through the piles most of it will be irrelevant and i can recycle it all away :)