Thursday, November 11, 2010

Does Winter Make You S.A.D.?

As if the dropping temperature outside wasn’t bad enough, we lost an hour of daylight this past weekend. And for something seemingly insignificant, I seem to be feeling the effects of it in a big way.

At least that’s what I’m blaming today’s mood swing on…because for no reason whatsoever, I felt myself enter a slump at work after lunch. And that slump slowly turned into a grouchy afternoon.

My joke has always been that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder but I'm starting to wonder if that's closer to the truth than I'd like to believe. Then again, most of my co-workers seem to be feeling the effects of the shorter days as well so perhaps we all just need to hunker down and eat our way through it until our bodies accept the fact that winter is inevitable.

OR perhaps the answer is to start planning a trip somewhere tropical for some needed light therapy...preferably on sand!

How do you cope with the onset of cold weather and less daylight??


  1. I embrace the onset of cold weather and less daylight. I use this time to slow down, snuggle up, make chili and soup and just hibernate. I usually feel guilty about watching movies and reading books during the summer because I should be outside so fall/winter is a good time for me to become melancholy.

    I also plan a long weekend vacation to get away from winter.

  2. I like your attitude :)

    In fact I totally agree with it. I always feel stressed during the spring and summer to take advantage of all the gorgeous I never get a lot done.

    I just needed a reminder that I've been waiting for crappy weather so I wouldn't feel guilty for staying home and doing work :)

    Gracias amiga!