Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten Ways I’m Going to Kick Ass in 2011

So it’s already mid-March and I’ve just realized that I never posted my list of goals for the year!

Last year I set ten goals for myself to help me break my bad habit of procrastinating my life away. Today I am very pleased (and maybe just a little surprised) to say that I actually achieved a lot of them and in the midst of accomplishing those personal goals, I ended up creating a habit out of living life!

Of course, filling all my free time with fun activities has one downside and that is that I haven’t been left with a lot of time to focus on starting Live Love Life Now™.

And since I have fully acknowledged that self-motivation is not one of my greatest talents, this year’s To Do List will incorporate a lot of business goals to help me break the meddlesome procrastination that lingers when it comes to pursuing my business dreams.
  1. Finalize Trademarks
  2. Open an Etsy store
  3. Sell my first Live Love Life Now™ product!
  4. Collaborate with at least two artists
  5. Go on a road trip
  6. Interview people who inspire me
  7. Experience new cities
  8. Sign up for a dance class
  9. Do more volunteer work
  10. Partner with Rikki’s Refuge and give back thru Live Love Life Now™

What's on your To Do list for 2011?


  1. I've got lots of stuff on my list but the thing I'm avoiding is my PE exam. I have to start focusing on it. Ugh.

    Hope you're able to get a lot of your goals completed. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Nicole! I wish you luck with the PE exam :) That doesn't sound like too much fun but with all your smarts and experience, I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors :)