Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Rhinos Were Harmed During the Making of this Art Project

Has anyone else noticed the growing design trend of cardboard animal trophies?

Well I have and I think they are awesome! They’re animal friendly, earth friendly, beautiful, unique...and I just had to have one!

And thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, I got my very own from Cardboard Safari over the holidays!

Not only do they create amazing products out of recycled cardboard, but Cardboard Safari is also located in my childhood hometown of Charlottesville, VA so I was happy that we could support a local business.

Until a few days ago, poor “Micro Robbie” had been sitting unassembled in his packaging for the past few months. But then my recent bout of redecorating had me looking for that one standout piece to hang on my gallery wall and out he came!

The laser cut pieces looked intimidating at first but in no time “Robbie” was put together and up on the wall…the perfect finishing touch!

I can’t wait to get started!

By the way, I love their logo

Those are a lot of little pieces!

The back of the plaque

Close-up detail of the laser cuts

Fifteen minutes later and he was ready to hang!


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