Friday, March 4, 2011

Home Alone and Inspired!

It’s Friday, I have the whole weekend ahead of me…and I feel a To Do list coming on!

My boyfriend is out of town for a week shooting footage for his documentary and the thought of him working and pursuing his dreams has inspired me to get seriously productive.

I have felt a bit unmotivated the past few weeks and have avoided posting any To Do lists for that very reason. But tonight I am feeling energized and motivated and therefore have decided to post my goals for this weekend…to ensure that I take action!
  1. Try out idea for upcycling vintage bottles
  2. Go to Ikea in search of new frames to spice up old artwork
  3. Start redecorating apartment (specifically bedroom and living room)
  4. Begin writing entry on the Happiness Project (most amazing book ever!)
  5. Design and post Blog Love section
Wow, those are five meaty tasks to undertake but I’m excited to get going – especially the trip to Ikea (which happens to be one of my favorite stores in the world!!).

What are your goals for this weekend? And how do you keep yourself motivated and on task??


  1. I read the happiness project last summer and it was so amazing.. :)

    :) A fun way to spice up a frame is spray paint it a different color like gold or black :)

    Motivation.. start with a delicious coffee and then off to the races!

  2. Hi Jenn, thanks for your input over on my blog! Much appreciated. :)

    I am a HUGE list person. I have them floating around everywhere. Every now and then I have to write 'redo all lists into one new list' on my to do list - lol.

    Only one prob with that list above if it was me... getting around Ikea would take soooooo long and be sooooo tiring I'd prob not get anything else done. I can spend a day in there. lol.

    Good luck with getting everything done.

    Linda. xox

  3. Erika - I am trying to read one month at a time in the Happiness Project but I was so captivated by her intro (it was like she was in my head) that I know I'm going to love it! Thanks for the ideas about painting the frames, I'm definitely going to keep that in mind because I seem to have an addiction to black frames :)

    Linda - I am the EXACT same way when it comes to lists! I love when I can combine all my loose notes into one nice and neat one :)

    And yes, Ikea can be a full day event but I have no room for anything big so I generally just spend all my time in the fun accessory section :)