Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cats Do the Darndest Things!

Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres and her love of cute animal videos, I discovered a new hilarious cat video!

I hope it puts a smile on your face like it did for me – enjoy!


  1. I saw this a few months ago and sent it to everyone I know. It never ceases to make me laugh uncontrollably!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Arrrrggghhh, too funny!!!! I actually squealed when the one on the left whacked the other one on the face. Amazing how they always start with the one paw and then get to the two paw action. I think they must do this a bit!

    Have a great weekend Jenn.

    Linda. xox

    P.S: Have fun with the decorating - whoopeeeeee! My fave thing to do. :)