Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun Mail From Around the World!

Over the past week, I have received lots of fun snail mail from around the world!

My first postcard through PostCrossing came all the way from Saga, Japan!

The color wheel pendant necklace from Yellow Owl Workshop came packaged in the most unique and beautiful way!

The attention to detail was incredible!

The pendant was more beautiful in person and has become my new favorite piece of jewelry!

The Ninja Bunny necklace from CryWolf arrived today all the way from Ontario!

I love their silver logo!

I can’t wait to debut Ninja Bunny tomorrow at work!


  1. Wow Jenn, you've been having fun!! I love snail mail, it always feels like my birthday or Christmas when something comes through the mail. I'm interested in what the 'Post Crossing' link is all about... off to check it out.

    Linda. xox

    P.S: Looking forward to hearing about your 'Happiness Project'!! I love the book and the website.

  2. that color wheel necklace is so so pretty! Thanks for linking us the shop! :)
    and the ninja bunny is awesome!!

  3. Linda - yes I have been a busy shopping bee lately! But those necklaces were on my wish list for awhile so I decided to treat myself :)

    Becky - you are welcome for the shop links! Both of the stores are so unique in their own way - they are definitely going to stay bookmarked on my computer!