Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Living Room Reveal: Before & After

Collecting art is definitely a weakness for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love bringing art home from my trips or creating my own to display.

But there is one downside and that is that I’ve started to run out of wall space in my apartment!

Then it recently dawned on me that creating a “gallery” wall in the living room would solve that problem and give me a way to spice up the most lackluster room in the apartment!

So after a few weeks of planning and prepping, the revamp of the living room is finally complete. I love how the gallery wall looks and how much it changes the feel of the entire place!

“Before” – the TV wall feels a bit empty

“Before” – the sofa seems to be floating in front of the big, white wall

“After” – the art, rather than the TV, becomes the focus and coincidentally compliments the colors of the newly styled bookcase

“After” – the gallery wall of art ties all of the furniture together

I love the mix of art medias – from tile to silkscreen, etchings, photos and posters

Rhino Robbie helped fill in a small gap of white wall

The Fiery Furnaces raccoon print was taken from the book “Gig Posters”


  1. I love all the arrangement of the art! :)

    PS Are you still working your way through the Happiness Project?

  2. This looks absolutely wonderful Jenn! You did a great job! Did it take a long time?

    p.s. love the picture of the raccoon. so adorable!

  3. I missed this post, I love what you have done ith your living room. I like all those arts and prints. I should get some for my place too, but i tend to get bore of everything very easiky so i can't choose what to hang on my walls. I love the raccoo too!

  4. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, you guys made my day :)

    Erika - I am still working through the Happiness Project and should be doing another post shortly with an update on my progress. Still on Month 1 though so I'll be slow going through the book :)

    Reese - it didn't take as long as you would think! My trick is to lay everything out on the floor first so you can get your arrangement set before starting to hang. I also eyeball most of the spacing so that saves time too :)

    Bobbi - I can understand getting bored of things quickly, but I can't imagine living in a white box so the art must go up :) This change has helped a lot though and the apartment feels 'fresh and new' right now! Hopefully it lasts for awhile :)