Monday, September 20, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

My weekend was a perfect balance of work and play.

I know it’s surprising, but that’s what happens when I put my TO DO list on blast. It sort of sits in the back of my mind and gives me the mother of all guilt trips.

So, even though it was absolutely perfect weather to go tubing, I made myself stay indoors and catch up on my work instead.

Then, after getting inspired by some of the BYW posts, I took to the streets with my cameras to work on an idea I had for my blog re-design.

It didn’t quite solidify till Sunday afternoon, but when it did I was super psyched at how it came out! And in an ironic twist, I ended up using the pictures taken with my iPhone instead of SLR. I won’t bore you with my plug for the iPhone 4, but it takes incredible pictures and you should go get one now!

After playing for a bit in Photoshop, I think I’m getting close to the final design and I’m excited to show it off! I just hope everybody likes it as much as I do.

So now’s the part where I fess up and admit that I didn’t accomplish everything on my TO DO list. I never got around to signing up for an Etsy store account and deep down I know that procrastination is trying to take hold to keep me from the next ‘big’ step. And it appears to be working, which is really annoying.

You’d think I’d just suck it up and do it right after I post this, but I’m feeling a bit tired so I think I’m going to turn the computer off instead and leave it for another day.

Sigggh, I seriously have some issues!

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