Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You’re Welcome Mario

So my third “first” of the year happened while playing Super Mario Bros. for Wii.

Yes, I love to play video games and Super Mario Bros. happens to be my favorite. Others must be in agreement too because Nintendo has continued to release different versions of it for each of their game systems since the 80’s.

And while I have played every version ever released, there is one thing that I’ve never managed to do…and that is win!

Until now!

Yes, after over 20 years of playing Super Mario Bros., I have finally beat the game!!

My heart was racing and my hands were shaking on that last run-through the final level, but I managed to stay thisfar away from Giant Bowser and make it to the princess in the nick of time!

I was so shocked when it was all over that it took me a second to realize what had happened, but once I did I leapt from the couch in order to capture the historic moment with my camera phone!

Victory, Victory!

The happy couple!

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  1. Sweet! I love beating games, that's one of the good/bad things about iphone games. I beat them and they have an update with new levels and then I can't say I beat the game anymore. The only good thing is that the updates are usually free and they give you more to beat.