Friday, January 7, 2011

Can a Documentary Be Fictional?

At the recommendation of my boyfriend, I watched “Exit Through the Gift Shop” tonight.

The film is a documentary of the street art movement and is produced by Banksy, one of the greatest street artists in the world. The first half of the documentary is comprised of footage, taken by a quirky Frenchman, of late night art installations by street artists all over the world. The second half of the film follows the quirky Frenchman as he suddenly finds himself on the opposite side of the camera.

Or does he?

After going online to learn more, I discovered that many in the art world question whether the twist in the film is even real…or whether it is all part of another “Banksy event”?

I have a feeling that the truth will remain as secretive as Banksy’s identity, but one thing I do know is that the archival footage is real and it provides a glimpse into the stealthy and secretive world of street art - which I found fascinating!


  1. Christian and I loved this movies. We saw it in the theaters with a bunch of old people (remind me to tell you about it).