Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is It Just Me or Was It ‘One of Those’ Days Today?

I’m taking a quick break from my New Year posts to ask the question…”What the hell happened today?”

Instead of being excited that it was already Thursday and I was almost caught up at work, I spent most of the day lethargic, forlorn, unmotivated and slightly depressed.

Perhaps it was the bizarre dreams of Wednesday night, but I woke up feeling off this morning and then spent the better part of the day obsessing about the direction of my life…and other things equally out of my control.

So thank goodness for my sister who talked me through the toughest part of the afternoon and encouraged me to take the night off and just relax once I got home.

Heeding her advice, I took a long hot bath after dinner and immediately started feeling better. Seriously, is there nothing that a good soak in the bathtub can’t cure?

While this journey that I’m on can get pretty bumpy at times, someone wise once told me that the more discomfort you feel about a situation means the closer you are to making the necessary change.

I like that.

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