Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Apple 2011

The first vacation of the year is here and I’m so excited! Today, I will be riding the rails with my sister and boyfriend from DC to New York City to spend a long weekend with two of our best friends from high school (including one of your favorite bloggers) and their husbands.

This is the first time we’ve done a trip like this and I’m wondering why it took us so long to plan one?! Even if we spend all of our time sitting in the hotel room just hanging out, I will be happy. Locale makes no difference when you’re hanging out with fun and lovely people!

Here’s some of what I’m looking forward to this weekend:

• The train ride (seriously, is there a comfier mode of transportation?)
• NY pizza
• A million and one photo (and video) ops
• Shopping for Kidrobots (seriously, I may have a problem)
• Three days off from work!
• Hanging out with my awesome and silly family and friends!!


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