Monday, January 24, 2011

Petition for Cats in the Workplace

So a strange thing happened this morning – I woke up wide-awake with my alarm clock!

But bad habits are hard to break, so I continued to lie in bed for another ten minutes until my second alarm started beeping and I had to physically get up in order to shut it off.

Waking up rested and awake certainly was a nice way to start a Monday! And I think it had something to do with taking it easy this weekend and getting a few extra hours of sleep.

But after a long day at work and a kick butt yoga class, I am more than ready to hit the hay. Which is a good thing because one of this year’s goals is to start a routine of going to bed earlier and consistently getting more sleep so I can enjoy more mornings like this one!

Perhaps I should take a cue from Wylie and Sami and also incorporate more naps…especially during the afternoon when my energy lags the most. Of course, if I took as many naps as the cats did I probably wouldn’t be awake long enough to get much accomplished!

But such is the life of loved and spoiled cats. And speaking of the fuzzy kids, today I grace you with a few photos of the one physical characteristic that they have in common – their cute, white socks!




  1. Have you ever heard of the Tocky?

    It rolls off your nightstand and keep rolling/making noise until you get out of bed to shut it off.

  2. I go to bed very late in the night and wake up very early in the morning: I have tried to go to bed early and read more while in bed, but I can't. 24 hours are not enough for me...while I sleep you can throw bombs at me and I won't wake up, but I'm always very tired.

    Now I'm going to take a look at what Nicole's suggested.

  3. Nicole - I've never heard of the Tocky, but I just looked it up and aside from being super functional it's also super cute :) I just might have to add that to my wish list!

    Bobbi - I always assumed I'd fall into the routine of going to bed early once I graduated college and got a 'real' job. Alas, it's been almost ten years since I graduated and I still can't manage to get to bed before midnight. I had hoped I would require less sleep as I got older, but so far the opposite has happened and I long for the days when I used to have to "take" a nap :)