Thursday, May 20, 2010

Action Buddy to the Rescue!

As you may have guessed, I’ve been floundering a bit lately. It’s not for want of a To-Do list though; I have those in spades.

In fact, I’ve known exactly what I needed to do for over a week now. It’s actually the only thing standing between me and placing my first product order for Live Love Life Now™.

A phone call.

Yes, it’s true…I’ve procrastinated a phone call for a week and a half. Do you think that’s a record somewhere?

Fortunately, my action buddy came to the rescue once again!

Today, after hearing about my hesitation, she assigned me the task of making the call before 4pm…no excuses.

And wouldn’t you know it worked again?! With ten minutes to spare, and list of questions in hand, I picked up the phone, dialed and spoke with a very nice woman who promptly answered all of my questions.

Which made me wonder…what had I been scared of all this time?

The Moral? A simple task can get blown out of proportion the longer you put off doing it. Better to treat it like the removal of a band-aid and get on with it.

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