Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs: The Entrepreneur Who Changed the World

Image courtesy of Apple

Steve Jobs founded Apple in his family’s garage at age 21. For all the success he must have dreamed of back then, there is no way that he could have imagined how his vision would change how the world operates and communicates.

My first personal computer was a tiny Macintosh and between Miguel and I, we have no fewer than 11 Apple products in our home. Many have been upgraded but we still can’t part with the old laptops and iPods because Apple creates amazing and beautiful technology.

Steve Jobs is an inspiration for all entrepreneurs and dreamers.


  1. I only just heard about his passing as I was driving the car around earlier today... and I was very saddened. It was only 6 weeks ago he resigned from the company as managing director. Pancreatic cancer is not a nice cancer (none are, but this one is particularly nasty - a friend's husband lost his battle with it recently).

    He certainly was a true visionary and an absolutely amazing mind and thinker. The world has lost a role model of great strength and imagination.

  2. I was sad to hear the news this morning - he´ll be remembered.

  3. As the Apple commercial says: "Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do" RIP Steve Jobs :/



  4. So Sad! Nothing to add!


  5. He was one of my idol. I literally live by the words 'stay hungry, stay foolish' and I always had an apple computer. They are so beautiful, and what's more important they work perfectly for ages. Goodbye Steve...