Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Album: NYC Shopping - Part Two

It was really hard to cut down the list of photos I wanted to share, but somehow I did! Of course, these only show where I went…a future photo album will actually highlight all of the goodies I found in these stores!!

Oh and a special thank you goes out to Homestilo!!! The fabulous design blog gave me the scoop on some of these amazing vintage stores in Brooklyn.

a) Yesterday’s News* was awesome! b) I fell in love with a cool vintage IBM wall clock at Brownstone Treasures* c) Papel in Brooklyn was so colorful and pretty d) Tacos California was an amazing find for a quick bite e) Close-up from a gorgeous typewriter (definitely a future vintage collection!) f) Gorgeous globes in a window display (I found the small one on Etsy!)
g) Gorgeous typography on a building in Brooklyn h) Sweet street art in Brooklyn i) Amazing Film Biz Prop Shop* j) Awesome neon sign at a drycleaner k) Inspiring wall poster in NYC l) Interior of the City Foundry shop which had incredible pieces but at unfortunately ridiculous prices…boo
m) The famous Hells Kitchen Flea Market in NYC n) Rickshaw Dumplings food truck o) Box of vintage printing blocks p) Jewelry shopping q) One of my favorite pictures EVER…courtesy of the amazing Miguel! r) You know I had to return the favor and take a matching portrait of Miguel…love these!!

*Discovered thanks to Homestilo!


  1. Great pics, looks like places I´d love to see! :-)

  2. You have a real eye for what makes a great pic Jenn - love these! ;-)

  3. Thanks for the link love Jenn. And now you have given ME a few store to check out!