Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not a Fan of Roller Coasters

You know why nobody ever said that starting a business was easy? Because it’s not.

While the things on my To Do list aren’t necessarily hard on their own, it can be overwhelming to think about everything that needs to be done.

But the unknown is the hardest bit to get over. I mean it wouldn’t be as difficult if I knew that at the end of my To Do list I would have a successful and sustainable business.

But not knowing what is ahead can be unnerving…and lately it’s been keeping me on an emotional roller coaster.

And I think it’s the unknown piece that often keeps people from continuing on because you never know when all the sacrifice and risk will finally pay off.

But every successful person I’ve ever read about or listened to have one thing in common…and that is that they never gave up.

So when things get tough, I keep that in mind and commit to continuing on! It’s difficult to do sometimes but my secret weapon is my amazing family who carry me forward with their words of support and encouragement.

And because one of my goals for Live Love Life Now™ is to create an interactive community of people who support and encourage one another in pursuing their dreams, I’m asking all of you to share a similar story.

So, what are the doubts or worries that sometimes try to get in the way of your dreams? And what tricks help you to stay positive and focused?!


  1. I just think it's a marathon, not a sprint. As long as I do at least 30 minutes every day for my dream, i believe it can happen!

  2. It CAN be overwhelming to think about where you are now - and where you want to be instead. I think we don't acknowledge often enough what we have already accomplished, and maybe even play it down.

    I think it really is a matter of endurance and keeping at it, even in times of extreme self doubt. At some point things will go smoothly again and you'll be back in 'the zone' - feeling inspired and energetic and on top of things. Sometimes it's hard not to give in to those nagging thoughts, but I think you're right in saying that all those successful people didn't give up either - and they won't have had an all too smooth road either. Far from it even.

    One of the stories I personally find very inspiring is that of JK Rowling. She was a single, unemployed mother in a tiny flat in Edinburgh when she started writing Harry Potter. I watched a documentary not too long ago about her going back to that place. She was in tears entering her old apartment, and seeing that the new tenant had her books on the shelf. She said she never thought she'd make it from there to where she is now - one of the richest and most successful women in the world (she didn't say that last bit about herself obviously - still a very modest and down to earth person!).

    So cut yourself some slack girl, be proud of what you have done so far and let yourself be wowed by the thought of what you can achieve. Dare to dream big dreams! And for now, put on some happy music and play with the furry babies - instant mood lifter! ;-)

  3. I'm always trying to focus at the 'light at the end of the tunnel' kinda thing. Even though it's difficult sometimes.

    Thanks for the congrats over at mine! :o) I remember being excited at the prospect of 30! I have no real tricks, I just try and be myself, be nice and I also like to join linky parties like http://www.freeprettythingsforyou.com/2011/10/%E2%99%A5-whatever-you-want-wednesday-50-%E2%99%A5/ and http://www.lollipopscards.com/2011/10/what-i-love-wednesday-no-39.html.

  4. You should read the introduction to the book the Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. It talks about several steps to achieving your dream, and they are not what you expect!

    Incredible book too!

    Thanks for stopping by,




  5. This is something I struggle with on a daily basis. I always want to do more, push myself harder, five more minutes, five more freelance gigs...until I hit the wall. And it's frustrating to watch others achieve things or get things you want when it seems like you're working as hard as you can and it just falls into their lap!

  6. I know exactly where you're coming from =) I'm working on a project right now too, and it's a lot of hard work, and you never know where it will get you. I agree that you can't give up when it get's rough. If I loose motivation I look to the people I admire for inspiration. Just remember, even the biggest brands were created by a regular fool lol =)

    xox Linda

  7. My tricks to stay focused is remembering the slavery I've went through when I was an employee. I loved the job and the people I was working with, My pay was decent, but I had to work impossibly hard and other people were making money and living wealthy lives out of MY WORK. That was the main reason for me. It's true, not knowing what's ahead sometimes it's hard to deal with, but statistically the number of bad things are lower that the number of good thing that can happen to you. When I run out of spiritual inspiration a rely on some empirical data. Yay for statistics!!