Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jean Beliveau: A True World Traveller

Today I came across an article about Jean Beliveau, a Canadian man who has spent the last 11 years walking uninterrupted around the world on a mission to “promote peace and non-violence for young children”.

The walk began in 2000 after Jean’s business was lost to bankruptcy and he left Montreal to escape looming depression. Not long after though, he decided to combine his travels with a mission to promote peace, which gave him a sense of purpose that he had been missing.

His story is absolutely incredible and the idea of walking 47,000 miles over the course of 11 years is inconceivable to me!

But it certainly proves that everything starts with that first step. And like any challenge or goal in your own life, you can’t focus and dwell on the big picture all the time because it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The idea is to focus on what you can accomplish each day and that every step counts – literally in this case!

His is an impressive story of what you can accomplish if you just take that first step and persevere. While he came close to giving up a few times when things got tough, he had the support necessary to continue on and stay motivated.

And while my story is completely different, I know exactly how that feels. I’ve felt overwhelmed lately with all that I want to achieve…and therefore with how much needs to get done…but I have Miguel, my rock, to bring me back down to earth and help me focus on what I can do NOW.

And for now, I can write this post which hopefully will inspire you to take that first step of many…or to continue walking down your path!


  1. That is an incredible story. And just what I needed - thank you!! I was in one of those moods - you know them: thinking of where you are now and then thinking of where you want to be - and just feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by the seeming distance between those two.

  2. Such a touching story- thanks for sharing this!

  3. Thanks for sharing his story Jenn and everything you say is true...one step at a time and concentrate on the now.