Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photo Album: Short Film Day Two

Here are the photos from day number two!

One of the highlights for the cast and crew was getting to play with Rex, our film mascot and the friendliest butterfly on the planet. It seriously kept flying from one person to the next…though I noticed it spent way more time with Miguel and the other boys as opposed to the girls!


  1. Oh, that is seriously beautiful... I have a real thing about butterflies. I have one tattooed on my back, and my mum and I both collect them and also consider it massive good luck when we see one fluttering around us.

    Linda. xox

  2. I love this collage of photos Jenn! And the butterfly landing on the hand is such a special moment.

    As for the photo on the grace post, I got it off of my pinterest board. do you follow pinterest? xoxo