Monday, August 29, 2011

Petition for Cats in the Workplace

Inspired by recent viewings of American Ninja Warrior, Sami and Wylie were excited to hone their own ninja skills against the ultimate competitor – the GO-CAT Feather Toy!

P.S. Thanks again to Aunt Nicole for the bestest kitty gift ever!!

The Sami & Wylie Show: episode 8 from Jenn on Vimeo.

(featuring The Fray’s rendition of “Mahna Manha” off of the Muppets: The Green Album)


  1. CK is a fan of the Go-Cat Cat Catcher too. They have it on a fishing swivel so it moves like a mouse. So fun.

  2. is it odd that my dogs like the feather toy?

  3. Thanks a lot for following my blog ! Glad you like it and that we are following each other =) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  4. Oh, my, gaaawwwd!!! How gorgeous are your cats?! They are so darn cute and very glamorous! Great idea for a toy, that would be pretty easy to make. I might try it with Jessie! And, background music from the Muppets. :) Purrrfect!

    Linda. xox