Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Can You Ever Have Too Many Lamps?

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a little obsessed with lamps?

Well it’s primarily because I hate the harsh glare of fluorescent lights, but I also love accessorizing my home with gorgeous lamps!

Which is probably why I have no less than 17 lamps in my 1,100 square foot apartment.

What?? I already said I was obsessed!

I even work by lamp light at work. As soon as I moved from a cubicle into an office of my own, I permanently cut off the overhead fluorescent lights and brought in 2 lamps.

It made an immediate difference and, aside from people occasionally teasing me about working in such a ‘dark’ space, I still get compliments on how nice my office feels.

What is your design obsession??

One of my favorite birthday presents EVER from my mom – a gorgeous red-corded lamp from CB2!

My newest lamp from Crate & Barrel – thanks to my sister’s keen eye!

The blue cording is what sold me …gooorgeous!

One of my bargain finds; I scored this lamp base on clearance at Urban Outfitters!

I moved this lamp to the top of the fridge when I brought home the new lamp and I love the added light in the kitchen!

This office lamp is actually the larger version of one I already had in my home and I love how it casts a glow over my menagerie of paper calendar animals!

Miguel and I made my second office lamp years ago after I couldn’t find a lamp I liked enough at a reasonable price! The base is actually a vase that I filled with acrylic pebbles in order to hide the cord. I’m pretty proud of it!


  1. What a pretty collection of lamps. You're so crafty making a lamp out of a vase!

  2. I also love lamps, they create an intimate atmospheare ! I have been reading your story and it's cool that you slowly found yourself and that you are now living life to the fullest ! I'd like us to follow each other and keep in touch, I am starting to follow you, follow back if you like my blog ! Kisses from Italy

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