Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Filmmaking Is Not For Wimps!

Even though I’ve helped out with Miguel’s documentary for the past three years, I'm still plenty naïve when it comes to filming actual movies.

Case in point: the first day of filming for the short film lasted fourteen hours. It was all exterior shots and did I mention the humidity made it feel like 115 degrees?

Yup, it was certainly one of the longer Saturdays of my life…to be sure!

The second day lasted nearly as long and was almost as hot but after you’ve been outside for a few hours you start to lose your sensitivity to the heat…though not that gross, sticky feeling that comes from the combination of bug spray, sweat and sunscreen.

Wow, I’m not painting a very pretty picture am I? Well let’s just say that I won’t be posting a lot of pictures of myself from that weekend – ha!

But all in all, it was an absolutely amazing experience with so many creative and wonderful people…and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity. I really proved to myself that I was up to the design challenge and everybody had such wonderful things to say about what I put together – it made me feel so great!

So while the weather didn’t cooperate exactly as we would have liked, it made the weekend that much more memorable! And while I joked that I may not help my friend out again with his future student films…now that I knew what was involved…I didn’t really mean it.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next challenge!

The movie slate…cool huh? And no, those aren’t their real names!

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