Friday, August 26, 2011

Batten Down the Hatches!

Miguel and I have been watching the Weather Channel a little obsessively since it became apparent that Hurricane Irene would indeed be making landfall along the East Coast.

While we won’t be nearly as affected as those directly along the coast, we are still taking precautions by filling our bathtub with water, clearing off the balcony, purchasing extra flashlights…oh, and cleaning the apartment.

Huh?? Yes, I said cleaning.

I’ve been so busy working on projects lately that I haven’t been able to get my regular cleaning done and it’s been driving me crazy as the apartment has been getting more and more out of control.

So with the threat of possible power outages looming on Sunday, I plugged in the vacuum after work today and cleaned this place like I’ve never cleaned before.

Yes, that’s right. I even vacuumed the window blinds.

After five years, my bedroom blinds were covered with a thick dust layer from constant cat shedding and a ceiling fan that runs 24/7. So embarrassment aside, I am posting this picture as a warning that this too can happen to you.

Picture does not do it justice but you get the disgusting point - dirty on the left vs. sparkling clean on the right!

I mean, when is the last time you checked the underside of your blinds??

Exactly! So the next time you take out your vacuum, I encourage you to put on the dust brush and wreak havoc on those dust balls!

Now it’s time to hit the hay and rest up for tomorrow and more storm preparation. I mean the bathrooms aren’t going to clean themselves – ha!

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