Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Patron Saint You Don’t Want!

Has anybody else also had an unusually large number of never-ending projects on their plate recently?

Man oh man, I do not knowwhat is in the air these past few weeks but it seems like a lot of seemingly simple tasks have spun out of control. You know the ones that should be resolved with an email or two…that then turn into 30 over the course of a few weeks?

Yup, that’s what I’ve been dealing with at work lately…which is why Google’s tribute doodle from today made me laugh:

Well not so much the doodle, but the fact that it was in honor of Pierre de Fermat, a famous mathematician of the 1600’s who is also known as “the patron saint of unfinished business” after stumping mathematicians for 358 years with an incomplete formula.

While I’m not working on anything quite so complicated, it has started to feel as if some of my tasks may take 358 years to complete!

Ironically, I saw the doodle while helping my mother sort through a printing project that had spun ridiculously out of control!

While she’s a big believer in patron saints (constantly invoking St. Anthony – patron saint of lost things), I don’t think she’ll be requesting Pierre’s help anytime soon.

Here’s to a Thursday filled with peaceful resolutions!

P.S. Ironically this post messed up my blog template yesterday after I posted it! Thank goodness for Google so I could figure out what the heck happened...phew!


  1. I loved that doodle! I can't remember exactly what the roll over text was, but I remember thinking it was great!

    That's a pain it mucked up your blog template, what happened? I'm always interested in what goes wrong so I can not do it myself - lol.

    I know what you mean about never-ending tasks... they just seem to go on and on sometimes and my to-do list just gets longer instead of shorter.

    But, it's the weekend for me, so I'm going to enjoy the little bit of good weather we seem to be having and relax until Monday!

    Have a great weekend Jenn.

    Linda. xox :)

  2. I am in the same boat! I am more like feeling there isn't enough time in the day.