Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seven-Year Itch

Last Wednesday was my seven-year anniversary at work.

In the past, I would have prepped my co-workers about my upcoming ‘special day’ because I can be a little bit of an attention whore (don’t worry, I am seeking counsel for this). But I didn’t remind anyone about this year’s anniversary and I was relieved when the day passed without the slightest mention.

You see there’s a joke around my office that once you hit seven years, you’re stuck for life and you’ll never leave. In the past, I had always laughed this off vowing that I’d never, ever, ever stay that long.

Sigggh, I should have known better. And perhaps deep down I did.

Like most people, I’m a creature of habit and not a fan of change. It had been stressful enough finding the job the first time around…I knew it’d be quite some time before I was ready to go on the hunt again.

Well I think I’m ready now. This seven-year anniversary has really put me on a roller coaster of emotions. It’s actually left me wanting to just up and quit on numerous occasions over the last few days. While I think some of those extreme emotions may be due to early PMS (darn chemical imbalances!), I know it is all rooted in truth.

I will never regret the job and all of the knowledge and experience it has given me, but I need to finally grow a pair and start working on the escape plan. I have seen so many people come and go at my office and I’m starting to feel a twinge of jealousy every time somebody else moves on.

Well that needs to be me…and soon. Just like the way my 30th birthday made me start to re-evaluate my life and what I want out of it, so has this been another wake-up call.

I just hope I don’t hit the snooze button for another seven years!

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