Thursday, April 1, 2010

Procrastination is an Expensive Habit

Two steps forward, one step back.

So last year I committed to starting my own company and began to buy up domains as soon as I had come up with the name of my business. Due to my lack of commitment and uncertainty about actually going through with the whole thing, I only registered them for one year.

Fast-forward to January.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been ignoring renewal emails from GoDaddy. It actually took me a few weeks to even open the first email and when I did I saw that my first domain was going to expire on March 6th. And so I made a mental note to go online that night and make sure that it would auto renew.

Last night, I finally sat down to handle all of the renewals and started to mentally kick myself when I realized I had missed the March 6th cut off! I started to kick myself harder after I called customer service and found out that there was an $80 penalty fee for getting back an expired domain.


I was informed that if I registered the domain for 5 years, GoDaddy would kindly discount half of the fee OR I could buy a 10-year registration and not pay any of the late fee. Ah, the catch.

So even though it scares my commitment phobic self to commit to 10 years, I went with option B because at least all of my money would go towards the domain and not to the fee. I thought maybe that would lessen the feeling of guilt and regret over having succumbed once again to my old ways. So far it hasn’t worked because even though I’m not paying the penalty fee, the 10-year registration cost me $199!


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