Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reality Bites

There’s one downside to vacations. They end.

Of course that’s a necessary evil - for if we were on vacation all the time, we would never appreciate it.

But when vacations end, reality comes on like a shockingly cold shower – miserable and desperately unwanted.

Today was my first official day back to reality. Yesterday was my go-between: the day in between traveling and going back to work. It was far less peaceful than I had anticipated.

I had been looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing all day with my cats. But when I woke up, my mind started to race with everything I wanted to do, needed to do and hadn’t done yet.

Geez, can I at least wash my face first?

Being on vacation is an escape. When you leave your normal environment, you don’t have any of your reminders of things to do. And you have the luxury of knowing that you can’t accomplish anything because you’re away from home and away from everything you need in order to do anything productive.

Yesterday, it felt like the five days worth of stress I normally would have experienced had all been released at once. At one point, I actually found myself saying the alphabet just to try and stop my mind from racing.

I’d like to say that that made going back to work today easier. But I can’t.

It was awful. I was immediately reminded again of the limbo that my life is in and how much I don’t want to be wasting my days away in an office.

On the upside (surprised I can actually think of one?), tomorrow is Friday and I can Thank God for that!

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