Monday, April 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

“You can plan for the future but what you live is the moment.”

Sometimes the most obvious and simple messages are the most eye opening.

At my boyfriend’s insistence, I have started to read Emilio Estefan’s new book “The Rhythm of Success”. In it, he discusses his life story and how it relates to his business successes. It’s sort of a memoir and a business book rolled into one.

Emilio credits his father for the above quote, because he always taught him to stay positive and to live in the moment. Seems like an obvious statement, but one we tend to forget all too often.

I know I stress about the future, and the past, all too often…and forget to take advantage of the now. But awareness is the first step to overcoming a bad habit and I’m going to remain conscious of the present from now on!

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