Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Living Life All the Way to Portland, Oregon!

After months of begging (semi-joking), my sister has finally agreed to guest blog about some of her recent adventures (sans moi)…and give me the night off from writing. Thanks Melissa and enjoy!

First off, hello! Jenn’s alluded to this mystery twin sister of hers before and here I am – I do exist!

Though many twins don’t necessarily have similar journeys in life, Jenn and I have often found this to be the case for us. On one hand it’s great because we can commiserate about life, but less great in that we can’t necessarily provide “been there, done that” advice! Jenn’s beautiful blog though, has been a source of inspiration and motivation for me as we both continue down our respective paths and I’m happy to share a little of my journey here as well.

Taking time to travel has been on my “important – must do” list for many years…as one of those items that gets routinely postponed for lack of money and planning! Fortunately, my job provides a small loophole in my procrastinating ways because it provides many opportunities for travel throughout the spring and fall. And if I’m particularly on my game, I’ll jump at the chance to tack on some personal time at the end of a conference…which is exactly how I came to FINALLY visit Portland, OR last month when work took me nearby to Palo Alto, CA.

Ah ha, victory! I’ve been pining to see this city for years and was fortunate that a friend of mine offered her services as my tour guides during my 3+ days there. Her company also happily included the company of her younger sister and their pup!

From the photos below you can see I had the loveliest weather while there! My friend calls it “move to Portland” weather as it tricks folks into thinking it is like that year round. And while the weather may not always be ‘this’ perfect, I can see why people fall in love with this city…I can’t wait for my next visit!


The largest independent used and new bookstore in the world, Powell’s Books, is located in Portland and I scored a used copy of our last book club selection while shopping.

Portland has over 200 food carts available at any time and most are grouped together around a city block. YUM!

Oregon has more than 300 wineries – who knew? Not me! We stopped at Sokol Blosser Vineyard to enjoy a tasting and their view!

I love to climb and was thrilled to discover that Portland has not one but TWO gyms devoted to bouldering. Check out a Circuit Bouldering Gym – they are phenomenal!

Folks, that peak is where we were headed (note the top of our car at the bottom). Luckily the view motivated us to keep going the whole 1300 feet UP to Mitchell Point!

Our reward, the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.


  1. Great guest post Melissa! It looks like you had a great time in Portland.

  2. U know what, I typed a super long post and had to erase it cos somethin weird happened. -__-

    Anyway, you commented on my blog post a few weeks back. I haven't had the chance to reply everyone's comments plus I tend to forget. =p I'm so horrible, I know! And I totally agree with u, sleep makes me feel good too!

    Nice blog u got here. I love the header, it's so cute and meaningful. Love the whole feel of this blog. Will return again. =)

    I've always wanted to travel to the more 'nature' parts of USA but I've only been to the usual tourist spots! The Columbia River Gorge looks so wonderful.

    Nway, have a nice day! =) ♥RS

  3. Yes Bouldering I have a few friends really into that! I am so glad she had fun. Portland is truly a unique place.. which is probably why they did the show Portlandia.

  4. Oohh I love the pictures!!! So pretty :) Seems like you had an amazing time.

    <3 Belly B